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FKK Guest on the Knifetalk podcast

I was talking to Craig from Chop Knives on his podcast yesterday, what a nice guy! and so supportive of FKK. I feel super uncomfortable hearing myself speak but if I remember correctly I told Craig a little bit about how we work and our exciting plans for the near future. Plus all the things I always say... Check out the link and subscribe to Knifetalk!

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Hi there, I’m re-starting our blog and i’m going to try and post things that I find interesting and some news but I’m most excited about talking to some great people who I got to know through knifemaking and talk shop. So here is the first one: Abe Shaw of Eatingtools, NY state, USA. Tomer: Hi bud, How are you today? What’s going on? Abe: I’m well, thanks! Happy New Year! Tomer: To you as well! Now, we’ve known each other for a few years now, you were probably the first man to bring FKK to the US and you even attended my marriage dinner party which was right next door to you at our good friends, Joel and Julia’s place in...

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The Making of: FKK for ROI community

The Making of: FKK for ROI community from Florentine Kitchen Knives on Vimeo.   A short clip documenting parts of the making of 28 sets of 2 unique dinner knives by Florentine Kitchen Knives for members of the Roi Community in October 2014 which were given as gifts as part of the Salone del Gusto e Terra Madre in Turin, Italy. Filmed, Directed and Edited by Shir ComayMusic: "Poetry Nights in Vahalla" by Yair Yona.

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