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'Make Your Own Knife' Workshop with FKK and Geoff Feder


The 6th edition of our 'make your own knife' workshop is back! Once again we are welcoming our good friend Geoff Feder of Feder Knives in NY. Geoff and Tomer Botner and the team here at Florentine Kitchen Knives here in Barcelona, will host TWO X TWO-DAY weekend, knifemaking workshops for 8 people in each one! 

For these workshops we will design a large limited edition blade, which we will only be making one for each participant in the workshop. Participants will be able to pick their own handle makeups and will of course grind, finish, assemble, shape, polish, sharpen and engrave their knives. 

The workshop is designed for complete beginners with no prior knowledge needed, however, more experienced makers are very welcome and are sure to pick up some new tricks. The workshop is structured so that the participants will spend mostly 1-on-1 time with the makers for about 4-5 hours on each of the 2 days, and come together for an outdoor meal on the Florentine Kitchen Knives rooftop deck.

We are happy to help with travel and accommodation recommendations, but please note they are not included in the price of the workshop. Please feel free to email with any questions you may have.


Knife Cutting Skills Class


EN - Here you can sign up to one of our cutting techniques class where 20 year veteran chef, culinary instructor and FKK knife-maker Ernesto De Mayo will teach professional cutting techniques to the hobby and novice cook, the same way you will learn at a high end cooking school. In this class we will go over the basic classic cutting techniques: Brunoise, Julienne, En Visage, Concasse, Chiffonade and a few more tips and tricks on herbs, roots, fruits and veg.

This intimate class will take place at our workshop in Poblenou, Barcelona (Ramon Turro 156), and will be delivered in both Spanish and English. It is suitable for up to 7 people and will cover all the basic shapes of produce so you could keep practising them at home and cut like a pro. In this class you will be using our knives, no need to bring yours, and you will be able to take home whatever you cut and make some nice dishes for lunch. Once the first class fills up, we will open a new one automatically.

Please note, no VAT will be charged on our classes and workshops.

ES - Aquí puedes inscribirte en nuestra clase de técnicas de corte, donde el chef veterano de 20 años, instructor culinario y fabricante de cuchillos FKK, Ernesto De Mayo, enseñará técnicas profesionales de corte a cocineros aficionados y novatos, de la misma manera que aprenderías en una escuela de cocina de alto nivel. En esta clase repasaremos las técnicas clásicas básicas de corte: Brunoise, Julienne, En Visage, Concasse, Chiffonade y algunos consejos y trucos más sobre hierbas, raíces, frutas y verduras.

Esta clase íntima tendrá lugar en nuestro taller de Poblenou, Barcelona (Ramon Turro 156) y se impartirá tanto en español como en inglés. Es adecuado para hasta 7 personas y cubrirá todas las formas básicas de los productos para que puedas seguir practicando en casa y cortar como un/a profesional. En esta clase usarás nuestros cuchillos, no es necesario que traigas los tuyos, y podrás llevarte a casa lo que cortes y hacer algunos platos deliciosos para el almuerzo. Una vez que se llene la primera clase, abriremos una nueva automáticamente.



Master sharpener Ayanori Suzuki will be teaching traditional Japanese sharpening techniques in this unique class, which will be held in English but translated into Spanish if needed, at our Poblenou workshop. Here you will learn everything you need to know on transforming your dull knife into a perfect cutting tool. From rough grinding and thinning to sharpening and polishing.

Ayanori is a veteran Japanese professional sharpener who has been working in Sweden for the past 8 years, teaching his craft and sharpening for top restaurants, accomplished chefs and savvy home cooks in his own Stockholm knife shop.

Important, The 2 hour long evening workshop will be held at the FKK showroom on Calle Ramon Turro 156. Participants are asked to bring their own knives, one 18 to 24cm chef's knife and one 8-12cm paring knife (Both flat/straight edged). Participants will also get a considerable discount on the stones they use in the class depending on availability and in case the class fills up fast we will open more in the following days.