Florentine Kitchen Knives

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For this year's edition we decided to explore working with materials we had not yet worked with. A brass core and pins are coupled with Aluminium scales, creating a fully recyclable knife with a nice weight to it. The scales and core were machined in-house on our CNC and finished on the grinder and by hand.

At Florentine Kitchen Knives we create quality‭, ‬hand-manufactured kitchen knives for both the professional chef and everyday cook‭. ‬We believe that a steadfast‭, ‬premium well made tool has the power to completely change your experience in the kitchen‭.  Florentine Kitchen Knives was founded in 2012 by industrial designer Tomer Botner. In 2016 he was joined by his wife Noam Blumenthal, a fashion designer. Each year, FKK release limited editions of the signature stacked handled knives and have made custom kitchen and table knives for many of the world’s finest restaurants and most accomplished cooks. In 2018, the first workshop and retail space opened in FKK’s new home of Barcelona, Spain.