Espai Alfar

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Taking as a starting point The Table Knife Project's proposal to design a handle for its knives, at Espai Alfar we wanted to take this as a technical challenge and see where the limit was between respecting the proportions of the blade and finding a space of freedom where we could express ourselves. Our proposal is made up of two completely opposite models but which start from the same process. Starting from 3D modelling, we generated a base volume from which two plaster molds were made in which we worked with porcelain. In this first volume we tried to respect the proportion of the form as much as possible, intervening in the surface by varying the colour of the porcelain, thus generating an organic drawing. Once this first piece was achieved, we decided to alter the mold itself and play in a more intuitive way with its negative, creating more random textures.

Espai Alfar is a ceramic workshop created by the ceramist and designer Anas Rifi-Zinatti and the multidisciplinary designer/artist Laia Amigó, who initially came up with the idea of sharing a space where they could make their projects more individually, but which ended up leading to the creation of a common studio where both work on the development of commissions and external projects, in addition to their own production. The workshop intends to adapt to the present, revaluing pottery to be able to compete in the current market. Alfar is a workshop run by four hands, so it does not intend to take on industrial scale projects, it motivates us to be able to work on projects in which we can be part of the design process, not just the execution, it enriches us to be able to work closely with our clients and create something collectively. Currently, in Alfar we welcome other potters who develop their production and we accommodate external people who can rent the space to develop their workshops, generating a space full of life and movement.

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