Jorge de la Cruz

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I believe in the idea that any material can be luxe in the right context. The often-overlooked tin, a white metal formerly used for food cans and still used as a coating, has excellent properties for food contact surfaces: non-toxic, does not rust nor corrode. This material was the perfect fit for a project like TTKP with small-scale production and a handcrafted character. It melts at a low temperature and does not require high technology. Therefore the product could be made on a workbench. Tin can be remelted and recycled without losing its properties. And its known softness is used to advantage for something valuable in handcrafted objects like customisation. I stamped T T on the handles in nod to both the project's logo and the object's name. Regarding the shape, an elliptical section gives the handle a smooth touch while both ends are formed by revolving the same ellipse. Production took place in Amsterdam, and pure tin obtained from a Dutch detinning factory specialised in recycling can scrap into pure steel and tin.

Jorge de la Cruz (1989) designs objects and interior spaces focused on what it means to live today. Based in Amsterdam, he combines multiple experiences of working with companies like HAY, Ikea, Nike, Louis Poulsen, and Maharam. Aiming for a surprising yet timeless result, he believes in a hands-on approach to the design process and challenging the industry for new standards.