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The March Maker's edition, our first ever, was led by one of our very own makers, Mr. Moshe Levin, who has been with us for a year now. Moshe came up with the idea of making a Kataba (Otherwise known as chisel or single bevel) ground full tang Florentine chef's knife. Moshe and Tomer worked on these knives throughout February and managed to finish 20 unique handmade culinary tools.

The knife was made by grinding a fairly low flat grind on one side of the blank and giving it a concave angle on the other side with a curved 58''/147cm platen. The results we got during testing are quite spectacular, great sharpness and food release thanks to this unique geometry and 90/10 sharpening on the edge and all this in a robust knife which can be used for any cutting board task and for filleting fish and poultry.

For this limited run of knives in both Stainless and carbon steel we have decided to use Coffee bag Micarta scales (Compressed and cured fabric and resin) made from bags given to us by our friends at Nomad Coffee. This gives the knife a rustic look and feel but also longevity and durability. The geometry of the knives means that they work best for left handed people with the single bevel on the left and the opposite for right handed people so we made both types. 

The knives are individually numbered according to the order in which they were finished across both steels, 14c28 stainless or XC75 Carbon and L/R handed options. The knife blade is 205mm long with a total length of 330mm. the steel stock is 3mm thick and the hight of the blade at the heel is 58mm tall. Total weight is around 215gr for the stainless knives and 230gr for the carbon ones.