Marta Ayala Herrera

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This project is a reflection on the ancient craftsmanship called Taracea. In the work, cut pieces of different materials (mostly wood, but also shell, metals and other precious materials ...) are used, which are fitted into a support until the decorative design is made. It's an embedding job. Between some pieces and others there is a contrast effect that depends on the colour and the characteristics of the material used. In this case, we turned the 2d pieces into bigger 3d volumes made of different types of wood and played with form, colour and texture to create rhythm and contrast. Literally, the knife blade is embedded in these pieces creating the handle with its volumes and voids. The limits of craftsmanship and techniques are sought and explored with the aim of going beyond them and finding innovative results.

Marta Ayala Herrera is a industrial and product designer currently based in Barcelona. She has worked in different fields such as ephemeral architecture, graphic design or photography. Her work reflects on the relationship of the individual with his environment through the objects and experiments with industrial materials and craft processes to create his pieces. Always try to generate a dialogue that makes the viewer or user reflect.