Rodrigo Bravo and Andro Yurac

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Modifying the raw material, delicately changing its shape, decontextualising its purpose without altering the material structure by using the least amount of energy possible, are some of the main ideas behind our project. The copper cathode has been the chosen material source that drives the work that has been commissioned to us. An element that is obtained from the refining of this metallic mineral through an electrolytic process. The cathode is probably the only format in this mineral that reaches a total purity, close to 99.9% which defines its lamellar format, weight and geometry mostly based on maritime transport and exportation duties. However, the functional character of this object is not largely repaired in terms of the design and finish of the prism surfaces, characterised by its roughness and accidental geography, a result generated during the electrochemical process in a completely spontaneous and random logic. The nobility of this mineral in its highest state of purity, in addition to its erratic and unplanned skin, are some of the arguments that we rescued for the development of our knife, which, beyond material rethinking, also proposes a new relation for these kinds of artifacts. In this case we have defined a logic and geometry that proposes a new way for resting the knife on the surface, in order to suggest an interface and approach of its own.

Bravo is a Chilean design studio based in Santiago. Founded in 2005, the studio works within different fields and scales of design, such as Interior Design and Architecture, Furniture and Product Design. Bravo’s methodology starts from the understanding of the material and productive environment, complemented with the use of new technologies. This work formula –that constantly seeks innovation driven from common sense, has allowed Bravo to establish itself as a studio in which experimentation and experience find unique and customised solutions to each project.

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