Dekoding Design

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Following with the circular economy principles, the focus points of the handle design are the material selection, the design itself, the life cycle of the product and the manufacturing process. For the manufacture of the handle a biodegradable, compostable and non-toxic thermoplastic material (PLA) was used, which can be recycled without losing its technical properties. A simple design based on geometric figures made up of two pieces that can be easily assembled without using any glue or extra joint parts. Finally, the handle was locally and ethically produced in Barcelona using a 3D printing machine with no waste in the process.

Dekoding Design is a young design studio, led by the interior and industrial designer Kristina Georgieva, who is specialised in sustainable design. After working in both sectors, she stablished the studio in 2019 in Barcelona. Since then, she has been working on interior and furniture design projects.