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This knife holder is designed to be mounted on the wall in your kitchen using two drilling holes, so your knives can live out of the drawer or block where they risk scratches, tip breakage and their edges becoming dull. 

Ideal for keeping your knives at their best and capable of holding 6 heavy duty knives thanks to an equal number of powerful magnets. This holder is crafted from two solid pieces of wood with the magnets between them. So that the surface area which holds the knives is not glued on the magnets and not covered by plywood, leather, or anything similar with a potential to peel off, fold or chip. The solid piece of wood is milled down to a very thin layer which allows for the magnets to work properly but still protect the blades. 

The holders are 40cm long, with a depth of 3cm which gives you ample space to grab onto the knife handle. Given a nice coat of mineral oil once in a while this holder should last a lifetime.