Reto Schneller

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Many table knives are made out of different materials. Normally the lifetime of such a knife is determined by the component that breaks first. The different material qualities of the blade and handle are not taken into consideration. The TTKP_02_2022 knife is designed within the circular economy system - it eliminates waste and closes cycles. The handle is part of a biological cycle, afterlife the nutrients from biodegradable wood are returned to the earth to regenerate nature.Whereas the blade is part of a technical cycle, it can be reused several times by sharpening it. If the blade needs to be replaced, the stainless steel is recycled.

Reto Schneller amounts a total 10 year professional experience in creating products that matter to people, in the right way. He believes in mindful and sustainable products for a better tomorrow, with functional minimalism as his North Star to be able to bridge physical to digital seamlessly.