THE END SET by Borja Ordoño

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The final edition of the Kedma End-sets is one with 4 sets available to celebrate. We are happy to be doing this with our dear friend Chef Borja García Ordoño of the now world famous Bar/Asador, Ultramarinos Marín in Barcelona. 

Borja, who has extensive experience in world class restaurants like Noma and Asador Exebarri and who has been head chef at Dos Pebrots for years, where he created one of the most unique menus in the city, is one of the most highly regarded chefs by his peers, which you often see as guests at Ultramarinos and just makes awesome food. He is also quite shy and would probably never do this again so these are definitely limited. 

With this small batch we end the Kedma 5 pieces sets availability.
We have made 5 identical sets of these designs, creating a curated set that looks like it's been collected over years at first glance but it made in the same manner and design. Combining 3 natural colour fabric Micartas and 2 types of wood, Ebony and Olive wood, with brass rivets and bolsters. These take after the Florentine scaled table knives we have made for the Asdor at Ultramarinos. 1 of these sets is already with Borja where you might see it next time you go and the other one could be yours, Signed by the chef himself.

About the set: This is the last chance to get a 5 piece set. Kedma is a nod to our brands' mixed heritage, Kedma translates to 'facing east' and draws on Asian tools and knife traditions. As we explore new ways of preparing food, we make knives suited to perform in the pan-asian kitchen. The collection covers the needs of all home cooks, with each knife designed for specific tasks. The KEDMA SUJIHIKI is a long, medium width and thin bladed knife for slicing cooked and raw meats and cleaning fat. This knife is mainly used for one motion slicing that requires accuracy but since it has a bit of height (45mm tall) it can be used for other cutting board tasks.

The KEDMA GYUTO is a large all purpose kitchen knife. Long and tall, and can be used for most cutting board tasks. They work extremely well for slicing meat and fish. The KEDMA PANKIRI is the Japanese term for the bread knife, this one is a 240mm long rectangular and minimalist blade shaped serrated knife using 8mm serrations and a thin and light blade for exceptional performance for cutting sensitive pastries. The KEDMA PETTY is the Japanese equivalent of the paring knife featuring a more prominent heel compared to traditional western paring knives. This makes it useful on cutting boards compared to only handheld western paring knives. Great for smaller, faster tasks as well as filleting fish and poultry and the KEDMA PARING knife, a small utility knife for all accurate jobs done in the hand and not on the cutting board like peeling and garnish. Also great for smaller, faster tasks.