Vicent Orts

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Galló was born from my relationship with the Valencian orange fields and my interest in using orange wood to manufacture objects for everyday use. In the past, this wood was used for hand tool handles due to its proximity, hardness and strength, but problematic industrial mechanisation and globalisation have made it obsolete and currently, it is only used as firewood, due to its calorific value and long combustion. A curious fact is that today most local people are unaware of the appearance and properties of this wood. This knife aims to pay homage to this tree, immortalising its wood through a daily use object.

These knives are made together with German Azote, a master forger of knives.

Vicent Orts (Valencia, 1995) is an industrial designer that seeks to generate a debate about the temporality of materials by relocating production and working with the pre-existing. Rather than consume new raw materials, he generates sustainable workflows and results that are emotionally linked to their contexts by taking advantage of resources available in their immediate environments.