We teamed up for a third time with our friends at Blenheim Forge on something really special‭. ‬James Ross-Harris and Jon Warshawsky‭, ‬two self-taught‭, ‬master blade smiths‭, ‬alongside machine-making extraordinaire Richard Warner are the trio behind Blenheim Forge‭. ‬They design and make all of their knives from their workshop‭: ‬a converted railway arch in south London‭.‬

This collaboration knife is a combination of Blenheim’s unique Gyuto blade profile alongside our signature and distinctive stacked custom handle‭. ‬It’s a great general purpose large blade‭, ‬flatter towards the heel for chopping and gradually curved towards the tip for a comfortable rocking action‭. ‬The steel is‭ ‬‘blue paper super’‭ ‬also known as‭ ‬‘aogami super’‭ ‬with stainless steel cladding‭, ‬giving the blade a ferociously sharp edge and unparalleled edge retention‭.‬

We released a limited edition run of 50‭ ‬knives for pre-order and they really created quite a storm‭. ‬We are thrilled to have sold‭ ‬out within the first day‭. ‬We’ll no doubt be doing another collaboration soon‭.‬