We are pleased to announce the launch of our new capsule collection, KEDMA. A nod to our own mixed heritage, the name ‘KEDMA’ is an ancient Hebrew word meaning ‘towards the east’ or ‘facing east’, echoing Tomer’s inspiration for designing the collection. The new range comprises a 240mm Gyuto, 180mm Nakiri and a 150mm petty knife, drawing upon largely Japanese and Chinese knife silhouettes, yet retaining elements from the western knife making methods that we use.

Traditionally, Asian knives have hugely varied profiles for each different task in the kitchen. Tomer explored this in his designs for KEDMA, but this time meeting the east with the west to create something well-rounded and more suited for the modern kitchen. As our culinary tastes become globalised, so must our kitchen tools. 

Unlike the custom made F4 knives, KEDMA are available to purchase instantly, either individually or as a full set. Each handle is composed of stacked Iroko wood disks, a dense and durable hardwood, gentle in colour and with a lightly dappled grain. The octagonal handle makes for a comfortable grip and is finished with our signature brass pommel and bolster. The full tang knives are made from the same tried and trusted Sandvik steel that the F4 range is made with.

Each knife will be engraved with our newly imagined logo, especially designed to celebrate the launch KEDMA. The branding includes words from a poem by Judha Halevi, a Spanish born, Jewish poet and philosopher from the middle-ages. A nod to the great fusion between east, middle-east and west.