Sanna Völker

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The ‘Black Ash Butter Knives’ by Sanna Völker are an example of the fusion between traditional woodworking and modern design. Handcrafted in Barcelona, the blades are stained black through layers of natural squid ink, while the chiselled handles are charred black using the Japanese technique ‘Shou Sugi Ban’, an ancient tradition that makes the wooden surface moisture-resistant and enhances its overall durability. Each piece is completed with the added protection of a food-safe varnish.

Sanna Völker is a Swedish-born designer of objects and furniture based in Barcelona. ​Her work can be described as a search for equilibrium between rawness and refinement, harmony and intrigue. Passionate about craft and how traditional materials or techniques can be transformed into a contemporary piece, Völker explores a range of materials and processes. ​​