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This is our 4th Earth-Day limited edition in collaboration with Barcelona based, Oiko design studio, who provided their N.E.W material. This time we went for the large 270mm Sujihiki. This knife is one of the most sustainable knives on the planet, made from 100% recycled plastic handle, 85% recycled steel blades and recyclable Brass bolsters and steel rivets.

A long, medium width and thin bladed knife for slicing cooked and raw meats and fish, cleaning fat and portioning. This knife is mainly used for one motion slicing that requires accuracy but since it has a bit of height (45mm tall) it can be used for other cutting board tasks.

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Blade length: 270mm
Blade hight: 45mm
Overall length: 405mm
Weight: 180gr
Steel: 14c28n High Carbon stainless Steel
Handle: Brass bolster, No End Waste recycled milk bottles and steel rivets.
Hardness: 60-61HRC with Cryo
Edge: 50/50