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Introducing our latest collaboration: a limited edition of 40 Hazaki 235mm Sujihiki pro series blades crafted with VG10 with a 67-layer cladding. These blades were meticulously ground and heat treated in Seki, Japan, then expertly finished, sharpened, and handled in Barcelona, Spain by our team at FKK. Sujihiki is the Japanese slicing knife favored for its thin, narrow, long blade.  Ideal for carving, slicing, filleting, trimming, and for detailed work on fish and meat. This blade shape creates minimal friction when slicing boneless animal protein, giving tear-free cuts.

Blade length: 235mm
Blade width: 35mm
Overall length: 356mm
Weight: 177gr
Steel: VG10 with a 67-layer cladding
Handle: Micarta composites
Hardness: 60-61HRC with Cryo
Edge: 50/50