Ernest Perera

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This project starts discovering the Scotch Hand tool. This was used as butter churned, pressing the butter against the side of the butter tub so that any excess buttermilk liquid forming in the fat pockets of the butter, would be forced out to stiffen the consistency of the butter. The wood tool has several carved lines all over the surface. These useful ones are used on the knife to generate a special way to spread butter. The butter knife is made in brass, a high corrosion resistance material. Also comes with a Iroko wood pad to put the butter. Both pieces are carved by a cnc machine and polished by hand.

Ernest Perera Studio is a design studio that moves between industrial products and artisan objects. Always looking for timelessness, consistency, simplicity and usability in each project. He collaborates with companies such as Camper, Adidas, Lékué, Delica, Ecareyou, Mago Urban, Faro, Almalight, Museu Picasso, Barcelona City Council. In 2006 founded Amor de Madre (Mother’s Love), has been dedicated to design, produce and sell his own designs. Specialised in home objects and those that inhabit it.