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When Tomer invited us to participate in the design of a butter knife, we set ourselves the goal to try and achieve, like all Florentine Kitchen Knives products, a knife of quality, functional, visually attractive and efficient in its production. The result was a knife made of one piece of AISI 316 stainless steel, cut, bent and matt polished. It is neither a decorative object nor a work of art. It's a tool, functions as a knife and it’s form is self-explanatory.

Skye Maunsell founded Skye Maunsell Studio in 2015 in Barcelona, specializing in interior and product design projects nationally and internationally. Her work currently focuses on residential and commercial interior design and is characterized by her special attention to context, functionality and the elegance of the simple. Jordi Veciana graduated as a product designer in Barcelona, began his career working at the Vignelli Associates studio in New York and later founded his own studio in Barcelona in 2005. His career is characterised by projects within lighting design, products and interior design. Currently he and his partner Skye Maunsell collaborate on architectural and interior design projects.