Shira Keret and Itai Laniado

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The tool, humanity's first technology, asserted control onto chaos. Our ancestors' primitive hand-axes ordered the world. We still seek to tame the wild into the cultivated. This butter spreader is bone china porcelain. A minimalist slender rectangle gently twisted to blade and handle. Its sprayed texture echoes fossils. Kilned into continuum. From beast bone to cultured ceramic. From the raw to the cooked. From the hunt to the hearth. From bone to bone china.

Shira Keret and Itay Laniado are product designers, graduates of the Industrial Design Department at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. They share a studio, a family and thoughts. They are engaged in creating objects, curating design exhibitions, research and development. Both teach at Bezalel Academy. They exhibit their work in exhibitions, galleries and museums in Israel and around the world and won international and local awards for their work.